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Holiday in the Park "Lights Up 4th Grade's Eyes"

Yesterday afternoon, 4th grade students departed ZNES to head out to Holiday in the Park celebration at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. After a quick lunch in the cafeteria, students loaded onto the buses and settled in for a long trip. Funny thing is, buses got as far as Laredo when they started asking,"Are we in San Antonio?" 
Upon arriving at Fiesta Texas, students were in denial they had finally arrived. It hit them when the park rides were in their sights. The excitement running through their veins could be felt from miles away! They ate supper, Domino's pizza, quicker than anyone expected, as they were eager to get into the park. However, gates to the main part of the park was closed off until 5 p.m. This had students on edge to get in and get going. 
The classes split into two groups and dove head first into what promised to be a long night of lights and fun. Due to unknown circumstances, not all rides were available for use. Be that as it may, students were able to ride The Road Runner Express, Batman, Wonder Woman, train rides, and Scream. Several shows were put on around  the park, such as, Santa's Cottage and the lighting of the tree. Some places around the park even provided students with "snow" to give the ambiance the feel of a real Christmas. 
By 9:00 p.m., students were ready to call it a night as they embarked the journey home, but not without a quick stop at Whataburger. Students were sleepy-eyed while they ate their dinner. After scarfing their burgers, students were prepared to snuggle under their blankets and get some shut-eye. 
Being a passenger on the same bus coming and going, I'm sure you would doubt you were on the same bus. Going to San Antonio, kids were pumped and ready to go. On the other hand, on the way back, you could probably hear a pin drop the kids were so quite. I'm sure walking around and enjoying the park really tuckered them out. 
All in all, the students' behavior was extraordinary-raising the bar for other schools-while teachers and volunteers helped kids go from place to place, riding the rides with the students, and making sure all of their needs were met. 
ZNES would like to thank everyone who made this experience a memorable one!